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So you want to make a video. That’s great. We can help with that. We can also advise on your video content strategy and help you answer:

Where the video is going to live?

Who is going to see it?

What do you want them to do once they’ve seen the video?

We even measure and analyse the results.

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Engaging your audience with your message is all about creating compelling films. Our creative filmmakers have the skills, tools and expertise to capture their attention.

We take the time to understand your industry and the message you want to convey. Using cutting edge, graphic effects and editing techniques, we turn your messages into videos that speak to your target audience.


We all know that there’s no point in creating a great piece of content that nobody’s going to see. That’s where syndication comes in. Through our relationships with publishing partners, we are able to place your video on the right channels where your target audience already goes to consume content.

When producing a piece of content, we think ahead – our service doesn’t stop at making a great video, we maximise the investment you’ve put into producing the video by getting it out to your customers.

During the production process we think about where we can place that video to increase the number of people who will experience your message and even drive traffic back to your website. We have relationships with high profile publishing channels for consumers as well as professionals in a variety of industries. We turn your one off video project into a fully-fledged video campaign.

Call to action

Now is the time to think about what you want viewers to do as a result of watching your video. A call to action is the messaging that you put in your video that will encourage someone to take action.

What do you want people do after viewing your video? Through HTML5 overlays or other video player technology, which we customise for each campaign. We can ask people to click through to another site, take a survey, vote or comment.

Acting like a souped-up traditional marketing banner, the call to action button, makes content marketing come to life.

Drive traffic, With a call to action, Inside your video

Through our measurement tools, we offer you more than just the basic analytics that you get from YouTube. We measure the leads generated from users clicking on the video. This closes the marketing loop.

You’ve created content, put it out there and your viewers have clicked through to your desired destination. Our video content strategy gives you a real return on the investment you’ve made in your video.

Engage, reach, call to action, measure. That’s how Streaming Well does video.



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