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Depending on your availability and the complexity of your project, we can turn around your completed video in as little as two hours!

Here’s how it works:

Pre-production: We will meet with you, discuss your needs and from there we will conduct all pre-interviews to provide you with a shooting script for your review.

Production: We guarantee minimum disruption to your business and the extent of your involvement is entirely up to you. At the location of your choice, our small team will set up the film shoot and complete it within an efficient timescale.

Post-production: Our editorial team will aim to provide you with a first draft within a few days of filming. You will then have an opportunity to make changes and we will aim to have a final draft of the video back to you within the next day.

The cost of your video will depend on how many locations you are using and the complexity of your subject matter. We can work within almost any budget. Let's talk, you might be surprised by what we can achieve.
Our pharmacovigilance services include adverse events and product complaints monitoring on social media channels. Give us a call to find out how this works.
Should your company need a higher production value such as inclusion of complex motion graphics or animation, or CGI, we can facilitate your requirements. At the early stages of production we will work with you to assess your needs and will produce a comprehensive quote for you to consider.
We can host and stream your videos on our secure dedicated server. This will ensure your video is free from unwanted advertisements and comments. You will review your video over a private link and once you are happy we will help you embed it on your website. We can also optimise your videos for mobile, conferences, PowerPoint presentations and broadcast.
Streaming Well prides itself on being a terrific partner to agencies. We work behind the scenes to produce white label videos for your clients. We currently work with a number of high profile agencies in this capacity.
Streaming Well has a library of over 1,000 videos spanning 40 different health conditions. You can put these videos up on your website to add rich content for your users.
We have a staff photographer who offers a fast turnaround and high quality photos. He is experienced in photographing live events, portraits, conferences and meetings. Just call or email for more details.
Yes. We are insured for public liability and professional indemnity.

We ask you to prepare your premises for filming so it looks its best on camera. If your production involves interviews we ask that you help us secure a location that is quiet. Access to a power outlet is preferable with space to allow lighting and crew to set up.

As a formality we may require you to complete artist release forms to allow filming and use of the footage.

We offer a complete video production service that will help you transform your ideas into physical content. We work with a wide range of customers with budgets large and small so do not hesitate to get in touch to talk to us about your project.

At a live event, conference or meeting we combine the video feeds from video cameras, power point presentations, microphones and other inputs and edit the content, live and in real time, into a powerful and engaging video that is broadcast over the internet to a webpage for your invited guests to watch.
If your clients, customers or employees are spread out over the country or the globe, live streaming video is a great way to allow everyone involvement in your meeting no matter where they are based. You can save time and eliminate travel and hotel costs as your audience don’t need to attend in person. For your audience it’s a simple matter of visiting a webpage at a certain time to watch your event.
Not at all. We have three options depending on your needs.
  • We can produce and stream your event live in real time – Live streaming
  • If you need the option to control the content, we can record the event, edit it and play it in real time after the event has happened to give the feel that it is live – Post event live streaming
  • Film the event, edit it and allow your audience to watch it when they want – On Demand
The weakest link is usually the internet connection at a venue. Although we only need 800kbps (1meg) upload speed it must be solid for the duration of your event. Some IT departments throttle back an internet connection if it is being heavily used so a discussion with onsite IT solves this problem. The audience watching the live stream will all have different computer systems, installed software and internet connection speeds so it’s difficult to cater for all set ups. Your audience need no special software to watch your live stream event. If your audience members have a reasonably up to date (within the last 5 years) computer, an internet browser and can watch other online video such as YouTube or BBC iPlayer they should have no issues. It’s helpful if your audience refrain from doing other activities on their computer whilst the live stream is running and if they have dedicated bandwidth, many people all trying to watch the live stream on different computers at the same time on the same internet connection could cause stuttering. This all depends on the speed of the internet connection and the amount of memory their computer has available. We can advise you in more detail what useful technical information to tell your prospective audience pre the event to ensure they enjoy watching.

About us

At Streaming Well we pride ourselves on being the digital service company that delivers your creative project on time and within budget. Streaming Well are creatives who are easy to work with and can help you to reach your customers.

We know that your website, videos, events and live streams are a marketing tool that are how people see your business and so creative presentation matters – to you and to us.

With our transparent pricing and scalable delivery, we can accommodate any size project and collaborate with you to create quality work you can be proud of.

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